This is where we as designers at Typeform will give you a peek behind the curtain.

These principles guide us in our daily work to make decisions for the future of our product and brand. They create a common understanding of what makes great design at Typeform.


Be bold, it’s in our DNA

Design is the foundation of Typeform. Our product is built on a bold and big idea, and we honor this innovation today. We favor bold choices to push our customers’ experience forward and stay relevant in a fast-moving landscape.


Raise the bar through quality

Our products allow people to freely express themselves. We create a delightful and remarkable experience and inspire creators to do the same. In the early stages of a project, we create a safe space to explore the best solution. When we're ready to ship, the last 10% is the real differentiator. Every pixel matters.


Empower humans, don't leave anyone behind

Behind data are real people with needs and emotions. We're designing for humans, not computers. We are here to solve problems, not to build features. We empathize with every individual and their situation. We empower them to do remarkable work with no time wasted looking for answers.


Drive the change you want to see

Design doesn't happen in a silo. We collaborate with other teams, inspiring and educating peers with our design-forward approach. We don't wait for others to drive change – we make things happen and keep moving forward.


Led by design, informed by data

We are shifting from being data-centric, to customer experience-centric. We're customer-led and we should let data inform our intuition, not make decisions for us. This means some designs will not directly impact KPI, but we need to go with our gut to become the gold standard of online interactions.

There's more to come. Is there anything you'd like to know about design at Typeform? We want to hear from you.